Sean Millis Functional Art

  • Reclaimed Doug Fir conference table

  • Reclaimed Doug Fir conference table - Side view

  • Walnut kitchen table

  • Walnut kitchen benches

  • Minimalist Surf Board Rack - Traveler Surf Shop in Pacifica

  • Surf Board Lockers - Traveler Surf Shop in Pacifica

  • Reclaimed Doug Fir Outdoor Bench

  • Redwood and steel shelves

  • Walnut Dining Room Table

  • Black Walnut hallway table

  • Side Tables in Black Acacia and Steel

  • Desk in Walnut and Steel

  • Standing desk in Black Acacia and Steel

  • Koa Table with Wine Rack

  • 12 person table for Barcha Restaurant

  • Hawaiian Koa slab end table

  • Custom Reclaimed Doug Fir bar with inlaid granite cutting board and bottle storage and wine rack

  • 100 Year Old Original Growth Redwood Side Tables

  • Custom Closet pieces

  • Koa Side Table

  • Black Acacia and Steel Bar

  • Me sanding some Koa. Pic by Matthew Wells

  • My new shop dog, Phoebe.

Custom tables, shelves, benches and more.

I've built many things over the years. My real love is furniture. Things we use every day. Artistic. Functional. Beautiful.

My Passion

I've always loved making things. I am happy working in the shop. Thinking through design problems and finding the right solutions.

I want to create objects that people love and want to keep forever. Hopefully passing them on to new generations with love.

Reclaimed Materials

I like to use reclaimed wood when I can. And I buy wood from the best sources that I can. Using reclaimed metal is a bit harder. But, I do my best.

Hand Crafted

From early conversations about a particular piece to the final product, it's all hand crafted. My clients and I work together through each step of the process. From sourcing materials to crafting the individual elements that make up the final product.

Built for you

I love to solve design and space problems for people. Whether it's how to build a kitchen island that meets someone's cooking needs, or a coffee table that has a place for everything. I strive to work with my clients to create something they will want to use every day.

Contact me about creating a custom piece for your home or business.

I'm always open to talk about new projects, so don't hesitate to get in touch. Follow me on Facebook and on Instagram: @seanmillisfunctionalart for weekly updates on custom projects.